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RK LIFE CARE INC, a top pharmaceutical manufacturing Company in India, has steadily but significantly expanded its reach on a domestic and international level. A WHO-approved pharma company, RK LIFE CARE INC. has achieved previously impossible heights because of investment in reducing technology, a group of young, creative professionals around the world, and the motivating presence of the third generation of the family. By extending its clients from over 30 countries and receiving multiple international certifications and qualifications, it has developed a genuinely worldwide presence and has become an export-oriented pharmaceutical company. 

This has been made possible by the Company's manufacturing facility in Delhi, which was created in 1985, and its honest ambition of satisfaction. One of the biggest pharmaceutical companies of India is RK Life Care, which has its headquarters in the heart of New Delhi, the capital of the country. The company has been developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products in India for the last 40 years, in the business of selling products in a large number of nations around the world. Since the start, we have always worked towards wealth creation.

This strategy is accomplished by creating crucial connections with top worldwide partners for distribution and marketing. Through ongoing innovation in formulation, efficient marketing, manufacturing facilities, a wide range of product offerings, in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical regulations, collaborations, and connections, our goal is to enhance the health of people around the world. We also want to represent WHO and PICS quality standards. RK Life Care INC is currently an active member in a number of non-trade and trade groups, as well as commercial and business associations including FICCI. 

RK Life Care INC also understands and acknowledges the importance of excellent corporate governance. The Company regularly supports the Indian people and engages in charitable work to advance our country. Our motive is to help a lot of people who live in rural and impoverished areas. Every phase of our company is covered by our international rules of conduct. To make good health accessible and affordable to local communities and society at large, RK Life Care INC is a family of thousands of people operating in numerous countries and speaking numerous languages.

Each formulation we offer is assessed based on a number of factors to ensure that it meets the standards set by the sector.

Pharmacopeial methods are used for all quality inspections at different manufacturing stages.  

Tablet hardness, dissolution, disintegration, thickness, friability, and homogeneity of content are the two quality checks for dosage forms.   The sensitivity of drugs to light, temperature, and other environmental factors is examined.    In order to guarantee the performance of the product up until the day of its life, real-time and rapid stability evaluations are carried out.

Our Mission/ vision

Our mission at "Rk Life Care INC" is to make people's lives better. Our goal is to provide patients access to high-quality, reasonably priced medications. helping to improve healthcare through innovation. With global sales of more than US$ 5.1 billion, RK Life Care INC is the fourth-largest specialty generic pharmaceutical firm in the world. With the support of more than 40 manufacturing facilities, we provide more than 100 locations with high-quality, reasonable pricing products that are reliable among patients and medical experts.


Our Vision is to adhere to Current Good Manufacturing standards while providing the highest, most affordable healthcare goods to everyone. We are a pharmaceutical firm focused on research and innovation that provides fresh answers to major global health issues. We are a vibrant group of specialists that are dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare. We value our employees and work to ensure that they advance with our company. Every stage of the manufacturing and distribution process is supported by a team of experts, scientists, and qualified personnel. Our pharmaceutical formulations are of the highest order and most reasonably priced, providing consistent client value. Our extensive product line includes a range of medicinal formulations and herbal products.

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